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tv   ABC15 News at 600AM  ABC  November 17, 2016 6:00am-7:00am MST

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wilson new details we are just learning. >> and inside this room this is where the plans will be laid out thorpg if there was a nuclear emergency. but first let's talk about your most accurate forecast. a bit chilly in spots. we've got 50s across the valley. clear skies as those clouds from yesterday are gone and drier, cooler air sets in. look at our temperatures today. we won't even hit the 70s until this afternoon. a high of 73 under sunny skies. there's a haze in the air. i'll show you what that is next. iris so far we're looking pretty good on the roads. and the delays you're seeing this morning are pretty much right where you'd expect they will. basically from northern until you hit the stack and then on i-10 we're up to an 18 minute desert drive time and that's going to take you from 75th avenue. things are picking up on the 10
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valley. mallory here at 6:00 i want to start with an update. we were on the scene of this situation near 29th avenue in camel back. turns out it was an s.w.a.t. situation. here's what we know. one person was taken into custody. this after police officers sent in the dogs there. sent in that canine unit. they bit the suspect in question here. that person was handcuffed while they were trea jesse wilson. you remember the name, you remember the face. four months ago today he banished from his buck eye home. this morning we've got an update for you. a private investigator believes he knows who did this. he isn't saying whether or not he thinks jesse is alive but he hopes to see some movement on the case soon. here at jesse's school in
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outside and illuminated until this case is closeded. this guy is on the back of me trying to kill me on the road. he's in the middle of the he's right behind me. . >>911 dispatch: did he hit your car? >> yes. >> how scary would that be. chilling audio. the woman hit by jouan moses who ended up crashing into car in scottsdale. our state is home to the largest nuclear power station in the the country. with that comes a lot of responsibility to keep your country safe. megan thompson is joining us live from phoenix. you hope there's never an emergency but being prepared is what it's all about. >> reporter: that's what all of these agencies are coming together to make sure everybody
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if something were to happen like one of these emergency classification emergencies. general emergency which is a potential loss of containment. everything down to a notification with just an unusual event. so this is the room that they're sgoing to be inside to discuss those different ways that they can keep you safe if something were indeed to happen. we actually just got a tour in the last few weeks and like you're just mentioning this plant is massive which is why meetings like this one. in fact is covers 4,000 acres of land powering electricity for about four million people in four different states. and playing more than 2500 people having merely a (200) 000-0000 impact on your economy every single year. and those agencies today we'll talk about a variety of things. especially on how to keep you
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to hear from a radiation planning expert why they say it is so important to have meetings like this one. >> 6:03 and a shooting spree now spanning across three valley cities. pioria police confirming now seven cases in their city limits. one witness saw a car. he describes the driver as an older white safe light auto glass saying they have been flooded with calls for the same busted wind does. a chandler man. >> we've got a lot of things to do this morning and yesterday you know i couldn't do it because of the i didn't want to drive the van like that. a chandler man accused of doing the unthinkable.
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home alone. 30-year-old joseph foster is facing serious charges. we're told he was talking to the officer online believing she was a teen. he offered to pay $600 a week in exchange for sex. the people behind the controversial website backpage sdauchlt a california judge wouldn't allow it citing a federal law involving freedom of speech. there will be another hearing the case. california's attorney general has called the website an online brothel. brett farly took a lesser charge after he got a tip. went to the phoenix police chief thought that a wanted man was inside. he is set to be sentenced next month. we have an update of that mess at asu.
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the damage. we're told that nobody will be allowed back for the next few days because of all of that mess. the university did allow students to go back briefly just to get their clothes and any medications but they're staying in hotels or other dorms until everything dries out. county attorney bill montgomery is describing the failed effort to pass 205. montgomery says he's didn't pass. >> drug dealers lie that's what they do and so we had to overcome a lot of the false narratives and the false information that was being presented to voters. >> arizona the only state in the nation to vote down a marijuana initiative this past election. a president of the the united states should not have a racist at his side. unacceptable. >> vermont senator former
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sanders echoing what protesters across the nation have been chanting. protesting the name of og steve bannon as president elect donald trump's advisor. accused of supporting white nationalist agenda. joined more than 150 house democrats. bannon has ties to arizona. he was once 2. anti-trump protesters have posted personal information of members of the electoral college online. the not my president alliance they say they're hoping to persuade members to change their vote from donald trump to another candidate. of course hillary clinton being one of them. an arizona elector said somebody made his information public on
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consent and this guy has released more than 1500 e-mails. scary call for parents here as we go back east to the deep south in alabama elementary school there. officials working to find out how an explosive device arrived on campus. the whole area had to be on lock-down. that device was discovered on the hood of a cafeteria worker's truck. here in florida a bomb from that era was this construction site near florida state university's campus in tallahassee. crews detonated the bomb on site and still no word where it came from. trapped in a trench that is what happened here in maryland. a worker had to rush to keep dirt from covering his head. emergency crews rushed for hours trying to get him out of there. boy, size doesn't matter.
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carolina. because this thing is intense. it's not real big but it's only about 6,000 acres but crews say it is certainly dangerous. the ground is dry and the leaves have been fuelling the flames here as it continues to grow. the forest service says no homes or businesses have been lost and iris nobody injured but they're trying hopefully to get some help from mother nature. >> i know. and of very dry across the southeastern u.s.. back at home also pretty dry. despite a cold front that crossed our state overnight it didn't bring any rain and that arizona department of environmental quality camera shows you that we're waking up to clear skies but it also shows you that haze over the valley. it looks like those strong winds from overnight could have carried in some dust across the valley from western arizona.
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outside our valley cam went dark but there is a bit of haze across the valley. just know we've got some of those fine small particles with our air quality because of that. that's rolled in. you'll see t. shouldn't be a huge impact for you but if you are especially sensitive keep that in mind. now we're feeling that cooler air. right now a nice 60 degrees. pretty comparable to where we've been the last few mornings and today not the coldest morning. it will be a bit of a chilly start but a very slow warm up. we won't even make it into the 70s until this afternoon. today's high 73 degrees. we'll talk about how cold it will be tonight next mallory. abc15 desert drive times brought to you by century link prism and from our a-dot camera you can see some of those hazy
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at how traffic is picking up. this is loop 101 right at 35th avenue and then in the westbound direction seeing some flashing lights in the the distance. might be some crews working on it right there. just something to look out for and as you continue eastbound on the 101 from the 17 to the 51 that's just an 8-minute desert drive time. east valley also quiet. those really picking up right now. we're going to head out to the west valley next. coming up on abc15 mornings what's this this guy. running across runways. he's behind bars this morning. after causing a ruckus in sky harbor. we are just learning that isis has attempted to attack a soccer
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coming up on 6:15 this just in to the abc15 breaking live desk. they have now stopped simultaneous isis attacks and one of the attacks going after the israeli soccer team. the team playing a world qualifying cup in albania. police found weapons, explosives, electronic devices. the people involved here had clear targets on who and when they should be attacked. it's developing right now. >> certainly concerning. 6:15 and certainly looks cozy. with our temperatures finally starting to cool down a bit. a lot of you maybe wanting to get those fireplaces going. >> yeah, there are some dangers with fireplaces and burning fires. taking action on ways to keep your family safe. good morning allison.
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yeah, you definitely need to make sure that that fireplace is inspected. a lot of people are going to be doing this switching from the cool to the heat. there are some safety tips that you need to know to stay safe. one of the leading causes of house fires is people trying to stay warm. some may use a space heater and that is okay but you do have to make sure it's at least three feet away from anything including yourself. these space heaters and catch fire. and maybe you're ready to switch on the heat. pioria fire officials say don't be alarmed by a funky smell. >> the first time you kick your heater on your going to get a smell. it's not dangerous. open your windows. it will clear out. >> so the smell as we mentioned is okay but if there starts to come some smoke out of these
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turn the heat off. you want to be safe more than you want to be sorry. >> good advice allison. thank you. commotion at sky harbor. all because a guy hopped the fence there and walked right across two runways. apparently he was from iowa. we spoke with a pilot about what the control tower would tell pilots on the ground if they spotted an intruder. >> everybody stop what doing. nobody do anything anymore just stop moving. >> sky harbor says their security system worked exactly as its supposed to. someone spotted the guy and he was arrested. here's some scary new video of a deadly explosion in illinois. you can see a powerful explosion. my goodness just moments just before the glass shattered there. one person was killed. 11 others were hurt. the area evacuated all morning
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buildings damaged in all of this. well are you ready for the great american smoke out? on the third thursday of november every year there is a push to get people to stop smoking. according to the cdc it is the number one cause of preventable death in the u.s. join the head coach of the mercury to launch a new public awareness campaign about the dangers of smoking. >> the grand canyon considered our state's top tourist attraction. >> trip advisor says the grand canyon is one of the top ten places you have to see in your lifetime. yeah, big deal here. when you organize that list by cost, the grand canyon and number two on this travel bucket list. the average week long trip for two will set you back more than $3000. kind of good news bad news scenario for the state of colorado. that's good news for the skiers. bad news is that the resorts
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opening day on the slopes due to warm weather up there. colorado snow pack off to its worst start in 30 years. experts are saying as of right now it's way to early to predict a dry winter so that's welcome for them. the snow for today. what about snow ball? the resort is planning to open the grand canyon express in less than 30 hours. thanks to the big drop in temperatures hitting the high country. they expect that that snow able to stick. >> i have a confession to make i've never been snow skiing. >> neither have i but this winter could be it. they are getting colder temperatures. that's for sure. all right. let's talk about your most accurate forecast guys. we are getting colder temperatures across the state. this morning not too bad and in fact it's very comparable. as that colder air sits in
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coldest night. later on tonight into tomorrow morning it will be colder. 60 officially at phoenix sky harbor. that's what's keeping your temperatures up a little bit. we're talking winds right now between 5 and 10 miles an hour. through the day today in the valley. just between about 5 and 15 miles an hour. they are still stronger up north. especially in that northeastern pocket of our state with sustained winds right now in cholo 25 miles an hour. gusts as high as 40 miles an hour. the good news is winds across northern arizona will lighten up the day. and here in the valley they'll keep coming in out of the west between 5 and 15 miles an hour. cooler, drier air is setting in and temperatures below average. only 73 for a high in phoenix.
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across northern arizona. it is going to be a gorgeous day under those clear skies but then tonight those colder temperatures, the first 40s of the season for the valley. so by tomorrow morning certainly could be sweater or jacket weather for us in the valley but it's going to be even colder up north. we're talking temperatures down into the teens across northern arizona. flagstaff tomorrow morning you'll wake up to 15 degrees. will be in effect across northern and southeast arizona overnight tonight into tomorrow morning. 73 for a high today. tonight down to 49. then tomorrow just a tad warmer still into the 70s. rain chances return. we'll talk about when the rain could start moving in to the valley in minutes mallory. >> and iris i want to give you a look at i-7 teen right now. because your delays are getting
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how long they were. now it's really just isolated. once you're past grant street you see a little bit of a relief there. and then we just jumped up to a 28-minute drive time on the 10. your points of interest there as far as where the brake lights begin are right around 83rd avenue and then it eases up once you're towards the tunnel. also giving you a look at i-10. minor delays at chandler boulevard. this is i-10 westbound. i'll give your north valley commute coming up. it is that time of year for operation santa claus. we are collecting money, toys, clothing, and food for some great charities on your screen. dropping off your donation is simple. come on by the abc15 studios. valley wide. or you can donate a gift to the >> for every $5 you give you'll
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on monday, the arizona coyotes announced plans for a new arena. the coyotes have partnered with san tan brewing company. you just saw it there and then it was gone.
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wednesday. that team is also hosting its annual. >> we want to let you know about dozens of jobs available right now. dick's sports goods is hired all across the valley. there are openings at stores in deer valley, gilbert, glendale, and tempe. keep in mind those jobs are just for the holiday season. next at 6:30 a community coming together in time of need. >> and will she or won't she. january brewer keeping us on pins and needles as she speaks out regarding her role in the cabinet. >> there is a mumps out break at a very well-known university. the details being revealed at this very moment. >> and chris we don't have any crashes this morning but we have delays out on the 10. >> and we're waking up to cool temperatures, clear skies and a
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tell you whe ?
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?air marker spraayer!!!? chemistry, baby! i'm okay. e lidays just got more surprising.
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updating the breaking news right now on abc15 mornings here. this is going to be a house fire that erupted early this morning. and you've got to see some of the other images coming in. >> a police officer punches a woman in the face. that violent altercation.
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and even more disturbing is where this happened. we hope emergencies like this never happen but that's exactly why multiple agencies are coming together today to try to keep action to keep you safe. that story coming up. but first try to keep you up to date with your most accurate forecast. it is going to be a very slow warm up. we'll still be in the 60s by lunchtime before highs in low 70s. a gorgeous day on tap but i'll show you when rain chances move back in in minutes. >> it's been very quiet as far as crashes on our freeways. but you're still seeing delays out there. this is loop 101. so north valley drivers traveling eastbound pretty heavy and let me give you a look at where those delays begin. right around 35th avenue for drivers. and then out in the west valley
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i'll give you a closer look on that slowing in just a couple of minutes. breaking news right now and 6:31 happening over night. that's cave creek. that's greenway. right off of tracy lane if i'm not mistaken here. fire crews were on the scene fast. look at this image sent in from one of our viewers here. by the way you can send in breaking news. crews told us they were searching for the it may not be vacant. also happening overnight there's a large police and fire response after a fight breaks out in phoenix one man ended up with stab wounds. this happening near 32nd street and van buren. we're waiting on an update from investigators. police tell us the witnesses tell them that one of the guys involved ran away and the victim decided he didn't want to go to
6:33 am
you cannot arrest me until i know you have a warrant. >> hey. you can't hit a girl like that. >> video crystal clear here. a police officer punching a woman right in the face. >> it is shocking to see and what's even worse it has happened in our state. jeff bonnar is now on administrative leave. they are very concerned by this video and a full investigation is now under way. >> ios page. new this morning preparing for the the worst we hope it willner be needed but today there is a new push to make sure our state is prepared in case of a nuclear emergency. knxv sts's megan thompson joining us live now. right in in our own back yard. >> exactly right here in our state which makes this so serious and so important. this meeting every year. and they're actually going to be
6:34 am
of getting briefed and like i mentioned this is a yearly thing right inside this room. these agencies include that palo verde plant. they'll be talking all about radiation, possible explosions. and here at abc15 we just got a tour in the last few weeks of that plant show casing just how massive it is and earlier we spoke with a radio logical preparedness claim. >> the most important thing is to pay attention to your television stations to be aware of any emergency alert messages that may be sent across those mediums. also there are calendars like this one given out especially with people living so close to the plant.
6:35 am
different sheltering. evacuations. and today they're going to be working to make sure they get that information to you at home, the right way, the most effective way and the best way for you at home is to listen to the radio for those alert tones. back to you. so that update there. 6:35 an 18-year-old burglar caught in the act at a buck eye home is now finding himself in the hospital. all of this starting after family members. once insid through their home. a fight started. that's when shots were fired. >> only on abc15 the story of ghost guns impossible to track until they show up at crime scenes and that is leading to a new safety concern this morning. law enforcement being warned about these untraceable semiautomatic rifles. the key part is called the 80% receiver and is legal to buy in the united states.
6:36 am
chunk of metal that needs to be removed. the at f doesn't require that a part of the firearm. anyone can buy it without a background check. a drunk drive claiming the lives of two teens near 35th avenue and dunlap. and marcos valdez sanchez. their father telling us they were on their way to mcdonald's police say the driver was also speeding when he rear-ended that teen's car. this weekend a huge fundraiser is in the works for the family of officer daren reed. he was just weeks from retiring when he was killed in the line of duty. one of the companies taking action to raise money for his family is total high keep. you may have seen them recently on the abc show shark tank. they are holding a silent auction on saturday at the lodge in pine top.
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let's stay in flagstaff right now in the northern part of our state where an investigation is under way. somebody was hit and killed by a train right near the city center there and flagstaff police telling us that they have notified next of kin after they got a call about somebody trespassing on the tracks that's when that body was discovered. so you might see some police activity in that area there as i'm waiting when i get that we'll pass it along. happening today president elect donald trump scheduled to meet with the prime minister of japan in new york city. the japanese leader is looking for insurance that trump will remain committed to the u.s./japanese security alliance. he said he would demand that allies like japan. donald trump also meeting with
6:38 am
cabinet this we know speaking of our former governor jenn brewer. >> well i would have to determine if it's a right fit for me and certainly if i wanted to uproot my family and move to washington d.c.. i've been an elected official for almost 30 years and that's a long time. >> well was that a yes or i no we really don't know. she says comes she would certainly consider it. let's lighten things up this morning. no it is not thanksgiving yet but the holiday lights are going on tonight over at mcclinic talk and elliott. >> you've got to get into the spirit. the overthe top light display officially getting turned on tonight at 6:30. >> we could only hope.
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>> and luckily the weather will feel more holidayish. we're starting to feel those cooler temperatures. that's what we're going to feel today and over the next few dais. as you step outside, i want to point out that there is that brown haze over the valley. it does look like we've got some dust in overnight. some of that dust lingering across the valley earl ear this morning. you'll feel those cool temperatures although they're not at they're certainly not as cold as they're going to be tonight. we're only down to 60s be plenty of 50s down in the valley. so keep that in mind as you get ready to step outside. if it wasn't cold for you yesterday then today won't be bad either. in fact i think we'll still be in the 60s by lunchtime today. then the 70s roll in this afternoon. a high of 70 dress.
6:40 am
temperatures start to fall with temperatures down to 62 degrees by 9:00 and those clear skies sticking around. some spots in the valley won't even make it out of the 60s today. apache junction 68. 69 in queen creek. 72 in lavine and 72 in deer valley. we'll talk about those cold temperatures plus when rain chances are back in the forecast mallory. and iris we do have a new crash right now on state 51 southbound. just before you hit mcdough road. blocking that center lane and then you have several cars off on the right-hand side. you kind of have to veer to the left or right. i want to give you a look at your desert drive time. as you're traveling southbound it's about 11 minutes. but the delays start well before that. and then east valley drivers things are starting to pick up
6:41 am
give you a closer look at your east valley commute coming up and we are just days away from clearing a major road block. it is almost ready to open and abc15's justin pazera is there with an update on this progress. justin. >> reporter: yeah, good morning mallory. you know if you live in this area you know how congested this can be. this is the new bell road bridge right here. it is getting ready to open just a few days. this is about a $42 million project and again if you live over here you know just how congested this can be. they're going to be opening up bell road over grand avenue next week. this is just in the nick of time because the holiday shopping season is right around the corner. >> by being able to close bell road completely down it allowed us to build this bridge in just
6:42 am
news for travelers in this area. >> reporter: all right. so on tuesday this area is going to open up and this is grand avenue right here. you can see these on and off those are going to open up in the spring just in time for spring training. reporting live justin pazera abc15. it's 6:42 back at the live desk. there's a mumps out break and it is growing at the missouri. there are 31 confirmed cases. there's another 27 probably cases of people who came in contact with somebody with symptoms. it causes swelling in the cheeks and the sal vary glands. the cases that they're seeing there has certainly been a significant spike this year. well what is this box? it is in the west valley leaving residents kind of wondering what
6:43 am
may be a meter of some sort. >> and have you heard about the thanks giving mix up that really could not have ended any better. how this valley teen landed an invite to a stranger's thanksgiving dinner. >> and i'm going to be turning on my heat tonight. i don't know about you a lot of ? my hero zero. ? ? such a funny little hero ? ? but till you came along ?
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but with crayola color wonder...
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f sets each sold separately.. i'm allison rodriguez live is the number two cause of all house related fires and most of them get this they're caused by this right here. a fireplace. a lot of these older homes in the valley they still have the wood burning fireplace and the u.s. fire administration says in two years there were more than 45,000 home fires and 155 deaths.
6:47 am
2012. so with these cooler temps we've got to talk about staying safe. fire officials say get your chimney inspected every year because there could be a lot of gung that's collected up in there. >> i know it sounds like mary poppins but we want a profession chimney sweep. now we did some digging and we found out about $75 is what it's going to cost. you might want to save a couple bucks but it's work. a smoke detector. a carbon monoxide detector. >> reporting in in scottsdale allison rodriguez abc15. it's 647. i have breaking nudz right now. you're looking live. air 15 has launched. it is in route to an area near 85th and osborn. we're working right now with
6:48 am
police department to provide us with some information. obviously they are busy at the moment. so when. twelve minutes to the top of the hour. a suspicious device in glendale. take a look. it's strapped to a utility poll near forty-third avenue in pioria. srp checked with its security team and says the pole belongs to theit plus still no word from glendale p.d.. the mystery continues. we have a reminder this morning about what thanksgiving is really all about. a stranger invites him to thanksgiving dinner. 17-year-old jamal hanson a senior got a text message with an invite. the only problem the woman on the other end had the wrong number. after a few exchanges they
6:49 am
taking her up on that. they've got to take a picture and update everyone online. let's look here and talk about about your most accurate full forecast. it's not the best looking morning but notice we've got a brown haze across the valley. those strong winds overnight bringing in that dust where those winds are very strong. that dust, that haze is going to linger across the valley. keep that in mind if you are especially sensitive that could be an for most of us it shouldn't be too bad. a bit of a chill in the air with some 50s across the valley. temperatures with a temperature of 68 still by lunchtime. a nice and mild day in the valley and cooler across the state with 40s to 50s for highs up north. 60s and 70s even out to our west. tonight will get colder. we've got those clear skies.
6:50 am
the teens across northern arizona. 49 for a low in phoenix. those freeze alerts surrounding our valley zones down to our southeast and also to our north. we'll talk about those cool temperatures across the valley by tomorrow in just a few minutes. but i know it's the holidays. abc15 is giving away $500 tonight again. two lucky winners will get a $500 gift card. tonigh 10:00 for your chance to win. i want to give you another look at that crash on state 51 just near mcdough. it is now blocking the two center lanes. you are slow to about glendale or so. let's give you a look from our a-dot camera. everything's off to the right-hand side now. you're seeing sluggish conditions to chandler
6:51 am
getting new information regarding two young children found alone inside a phoenix motel room also i promised you
6:52 am
evything. it's all of this, this, this, and this. in all of history.alrifficllls. cereal.. yeah, it's that good.s, this, and this.
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as promised back to the breaking news coming up on 6:54 boy this crash could have been a whole lot worse. the initial reports were that this car crashed into a house.
6:54 am
home taking out that wall in the process. this is on mulberry to be exact for you. when i get more information i'll pass that along. i'll also getting new information two young children left alone in a phoenix motel room this morning while their mom went to work. the motel is near 51st avenue. officers are investigating as we speak. the kids are 1 and 6 years old. security officers pretty alert here cal the mom. brought her back to the hotel. this is also under investigation. also investigation this morning flames shooting into the sky. look at this image sent to us. this is from a mobile home that caught fire near cave creek and greenway. to put out those flames because it sparked back up. fortunately they were able to get the flames out. no one was home at the time dan. a flagstaff police officer
6:55 am
the search for jesse wilson continues. it's been four months since he vanished from this buck eye home. a private investigator tells us he believes he knows who did this. now he hopes to see some movement on the case very soon. let's check in stephenapolis. >> as donald trump continues his transition allegations in disarray he's going to focus on his national security team. some talked to his son-in-law. we're going to get into that on gma. all right it is a hazy morning. with our temperature 68 degrees. only 70 for a high. jacket weather by tomorrow morning. we're talking overnight lows in the 40s. the coolest temperatures we have felt so far this season.
6:56 am
the 80s set back in then rain chances looking much more promising for monday. looking like we'll see scattered showers possibly some heavier showers through the day on monday. >> there's a southbound crash near mcdough. i-17 southbound could be a little bit better. this crash is blocking the center and right lane. you have some cars off on right-hand side as well and you're slow back before glendale. >> let's take a live look from tempe this morning. the holiday lights are going ton tonight over at mcclinic talk and elliott. >> kind of just listen for a second folks. yeah, the over the top light display officially set to be turned on tonight. tonight at 6:30 what a great time to get out with your family and enjoy the season. it is off and running.
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good morning, america. hillary clinton breaks her silence. speaking for the first time since her loss to donald trump. >> this isn't the easiest thing for me. >> as donald against a transition in turmoil. now henry kissinger heading to trump tower and kellyanne conway here live with the inside story. breaking overnight, a deadly gas explosion. a blast going off in the middle of a town square. destroying buildings, shattering glass, killing at least one person. 11 rushed to the hospital. >> just a big boom. >> now, investigators are on the scene. abc news exclusive. former fox news star and miss


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